Neil Kipling

Neil Kipling,

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Neil founded IDBS in 1989 and has since developed what was a small niche IT consultancy into a leading provider of integrated software solutions for the life sciences industry. Neil graduated from Leeds University in 1984 with a BSc in Microbiology. In 2008 Neil was awarded an honorary doctorate (DUniv) from the University of Surrey for his outstanding contributions to biotechnology and cheminformatics on an international level.

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Laurence Painell

Laurence Painell,

Vice President, Product Management & Marketing

In his role, Laurence is responsible for the overall strategy and direction for all IDBS products. Bringing over thirteen years of product and marketing experience, he has a proven track record in building productive, high quality teams who deliver innovative, commercial solutions to market on time.

Having started in software development and product management at IDBS, he completed a five year stint at Microsoft where he was Head of Windows and Office Category Management for the UK and Ireland Retail Sales and Marketing Group, before returning to IDBS in early 2013.

Laurence has a degree in Mathematics and Applied Physics from Kingston University.

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Paul Denny-Gouldson

Paul Denny-Gouldson,

Vice President, Strategic Solutions

As VP of Strategic Solutions, Paul heads the overall strategic planning for the various market verticals and scientific domains that IDBS works in. By working both internally across IDBS and externally with customers and partners, Paul is charged with the exploration and creation of new products, solutions and service offerings. He joined IDBS in 2005 as part of the acquisition of his ELN company and has spearheaded the drive to make E‑WorkBook Suite the market leader. Prior to this, Paul founded a number of companies focused on combining science, technology and business. He started his career as a Post Doc and subsequently Senior Scientist at Sanofi-Synthelabo Toulouse (now Sanofi) for just under five years, where he managed a multidisciplinary molecular and cell biology department.

Paul obtained his PhD in Computational Biology from Essex University in 1996, and has authored over 25 scientific papers and book chapters.

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Dr. Joe Rajarao

Dr. Joe Rajarao,

Lead Consultant

As a Lead Consultant at IDBS, Dr. Rajarao has implemented data and workflow management systems in multiple bioanalysis laboratories. Joe’s primary responsibility includes oversight of IDBS’ Bioanalysis Solution, a suite of workflows that support small and large molecule bioanalysis in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

Prior to joining IDBS, Joe was a Senior Scientist at Wyeth Research (now Pfizer) where he led pre-clinical assay development and validation for multiple drug development programs. Joe obtained his PhD in Pharmacology from The Penn State College of Medicine in 2003, and also earned an MBA from The Pennsylvania State University. Joe’s publication record spans functional genomics, bioinformatics, in vitro pharmacology and neuropsychiatric drug development.

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Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss,

Senior Director of Product Management

Scott joined IDBS in 2004, and leverages over 25 years’ experience in pharmaceutical drug development, informatics and software development. He is currently responsible for product strategy at IDBS, and enjoys leading a talented team focused on designing intuitive software that enables organizations to accelerate their R&D – by fostering efficiency, collaboration and data insight. Prior to IDBS, he served as Director of In-Vivo Pharmacology at Vernalis Research. Scott obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology specializing inneuroscience at the University of Leeds and has authored over 45 scientific papers,journal articles and patents.

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Stuart Ward

Stuart Ward,

Head of Business Analysis

Stuart joined IDBS Global Professional Services in 2005 and became a Team Leader responsible for deploying E-WorkBook Suite both from a technical and project management perspective.

Prior to working at IDBS, Stuart completed a Post-Doctoral fellowship at the NIH and then worked for Ionix Pharmaceuticals in the Molecular Pharmacology group. Stuart obtained his PhD in Pharmacology from the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (University of London).

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Ian Peirson

Ian Peirson,

Head of Product Planning

Ian joined IDBS in 2012 as a Solution Consultant, specializing in pharmaceutical, industrial chemical and petrochemical domains. In his current role as Head of Product Planning, he oversees chemistry product development and conducts business analysis for future growth strategies.

Prior to IDBS, he worked as a synthetic organic chemist at Evotec and also as a Senior Application Scientist at Advanced Chemistry Development. In these roles, he gained extensive industry experience, and worked globally across diverse market verticals to develop solutions to meet customer requirements. Ian holds an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Natal (South Africa) and a MBA from Henley Business School.

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Brian Hobbs

Brian Hobbs,

Principal Technologist

Brian has developed software at IDBS for more than ten years and is an in-house expert on spreadsheet technology. Over the past decade with IDBS, Brian has been involved with many flagship projects and in particular with E-WorkBook Suite – with a special focus on the spreadsheet element. Aside from his development work, Brian also visits conferences and customer sites where he carries out research and delivers training.

Prior to working at IDBS, Brian carried out support and development activities for a large industrial-gas company. He has a degree in Information Systems from Surrey University.

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Jarrod Medeiros

Jarrod Medeiros,

Product Manager

Jarrod joined IDBS in 2011 and has worked in Global Professional Services and Solution Consulting prior to his current role as Product Manager. He has worked extensively with customers throughout the pharmaceutical industry to identify process improvements that can be realized through better data management.

Prior to joining IDBS, Jarrod was a process development scientist with experience designing and developing recombinant protein processes. He obtained is degree in Biology from Northeastern University.

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Advanced Software for Research & Development

From pharmaceuticals to energy, healthcare to consumer goods, IDBS helps research and development (R&D) teams make discoveries that have the potential to transform the lives of populations worldwide.

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Andrés Jaramillo-Mejía

Andrés Jaramillo-Mejía,

Intellectual property (IP) lawyer

Andrés is a qualified lawyer having previously worked as a senior associate for one of the leading law firms in Colombia and also participated in the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the USA, working as a legal advisor for the Colombian government in matters relating to IP rights. Andrés was the editor of Chambers Latin America legal guide from 2010 until 2015 and holds an LLM from Stockholm University. 

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Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies,

Head of User Experience Design

Jonathan is Head of User Experience Design at IDBS responsible for shaping the look, feel and usability of IDBS products. His current focus is on our E-WorkBook Web-based product. Jonathan was previously Product Manager for all aspects of chemistry in IDBS products - ActivityBase, E-WorkBook and others. Jonathan has been at IDBS for more than ten years and has also held roles as Product Manager for ActivityBase and the ActivityBase query and reporting tools.

Jonathan has a first class honours and PhD in Chemistry. Prior to IDBS, Jonathan worked as a research scientist for the late Nobel Laureate, Sir James Black. He then spent a number of years at MDL Information Systems where he spent time engineering global compound registration and reagent inventory systems for Pfizer and Smith-Kline Beecham.

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Agnes Huot

Agnes Huot,

Guest blogger

Agnes was the senior IT partner to Biogen Idec’s research, which includes biologics and small-molecule drug discovery. She was also the architect and strategic owner of the ConnectedLab initiative, which has delivered an integrated environment of electronic lab notebook, molecule registration, lab instrument data management, inventory and project browser.

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Stuart Doggett

Stuart Doggett,

Business Analyst

Stuart joined IDBS in 2015 as a Business Analyst. Coming from a scientific background he brings experience in both biological and analytical domains.

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Adam Paton

Adam Paton,

Account Manager

Adam has been a member of the IDBS team since 1998.  Having held a variety of positions within the organisation from running the Customer Support Team through to leading the European Technology Services group consisting of Professional Services and the Solutions Consultants.  During this time all elements of the software solutions provided by IDBS have been experienced from small ActivityBase deployments all the way up to complex E-WorkBook implementations and all the steps in between.  Now an Account Manager looking after global accounts Adam is responsible for ensuring that our customers and the IDBS team make the best use of our technology to ensure the highest level of success.

Still a scientist at heart Adam is a Zoologist having received his degree in this subject from University College London and still maintains an active interest in all things Biology.

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Rory Quinn

Rory Quinn,

Product Manager

As Product Manager for E-WorkBook Inventory, Rory is responsible for the strategy and direction of this exciting new technology within the IDBS product suite. Prior to this Rory worked within Global Solution Consulting where he worked closely with customers to realize the value which the IDBS Platform brings to their organization.

Rory joined IDBS in 2011 after spending 7 years within Analytical R&D at Pfizer LTD. Initially developing analytical strategies for a number of candidates, he went on to play a lead role in the implementation of an ELN solution before becoming the Global Business Lead for the notebook solution deployed. Rory holds a first class honours degree and Masters in Forensic & Analytical Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde.


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Alexandra Laskowski

Alexandra Laskowski,

Business Consultant

Alexandra Laskowski is a Business Consultant at IDBS. In this role, she captures, analyses and improves business processes and assist customers in overcoming challenges in their pursuit to integrate and enhance business software solutions.

Alexandra became a member of the IDBS team in 2014, after spending more than 14 years in life science. During this period, she worked as a scientist in academia as well as biotech companies in Germany and the UK. Alexandra obtained her Dr. rer. nat. in Neurosciences from the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg).

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Michael Razey

Michael Razey,

Business Analyst

Michael joined IDBS in 2015 as a Business Analyst, with a background in Software development and experience encompassing Technical Support, Implementation & Training and Product Management; he looks to establish priorities by understanding customer needs and works with our development teams to deliver these into product.

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Laura Swift

Laura Swift,

Senior Solutions Consultant

After graduating from the University of Toronto and Northwestern University, Laura Swift started her career as a Biochemist for Merck & Co in Rahway, NJ. She joined IDBS 9 years ago and after 3 years in Professional Services she transitioned into her current role as a Solutions Consultant. Laura has worked with companies in several different verticals and has owned solutions in both pharmacokinetics and bioanalytical.  In the last couple of years Laura has taken a lead role in our industrial sciences vertical, working specifically in the Oil & Gas sector. She has built close relationships with customers though business analysis engagements identifying opportunities to improve customer processes. Laura lives in Canada and is a passionate sports fan.

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Helen Rueda

Helen Rueda,

Solutions Consultant

Helen Rueda, a UC Irvine graduate with B.S in Chemistry, has worked in the biopharma industry for 13+ years. Helen is currently working for IDBS as Solutions Consultant providing technical and domain knowledge to support the sales process.

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