R&D Informatics Software

Research and development (R&D) companies from across the world use our laboratory informatics software to enhance their data management, increase efficiency, boost productivity and innovate more effectively. Our R&D data management software and solutions ensure lab workers spend less time manipulating and transcribing data, allowing them to spend more time on science.

The changing requirements of R&D informatics software

As R&D organizations innovate, they often rely on diverse cross-domain teams from a range of locations. This is a major shift from the traditional approach, where scientists work together in one room, and has changed the demands on R&D data management.

R&D data analytics tools must facilitate collaborative relationships and provide intellectual property (IP) protection. They also must provide team members with a holistic view of projects and studies to ensure all relevant information is accessible, preventing the duplication of work.

Developments in consumer technology are also driving change as scientists expect to connect with their projects, systems and data through a range of technologies and devices. 

Improving data management systems

Our R&D informatics software solutions, including ActivityBase, our high content and throughput screening data management system, and E‑WorkBook, our R&D electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), help solve a range of data management problems.

Our solutions simplify the IT environment and improve collaboration by making data searchable and context rich. They also help researchers capture and share their innovations securely, without adding to their workload. In short, our informatics software makes it easier to manage, align and secure IP.

The added benefits of our software solutions

Our customers, ranging from academic research institutions to international enterprises, come to us for robust, secure and cost-effective R&D informatics software. We help organizations simplify their workflows, achieve time savings and enhance staff productivity. Our software can be deployed in an on premise or SaaS environment, enabling rapid deployment in organizations and partnering CROs, allowing for efficient research in a single solution.

More information

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