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Research and Development companies worldwide use our products to manage their data; from scientific experiments to process engineering; Pharmaceutical, Energy, Chemical and Consumer goods companies rely on our software to increase productivity, efficiency and innovate to deliver safe products to market faster.

To achieve these goals these companies need to utilize technology to

capture, manage, share and exploit critical data

both internally and externally.

  • Academia

    Better manage data from diverse disciplines and publish high quality, innovative research faster than ever

  • Agricultural Sciences

    Combine chemical and biological expertise and harness knowledge of agricultural science to develop game-changing technologies

    Agricultural Sciences
  • Chemicals

    Secure, integrate and access research data worldwide, and collaborate efficiently across multiple locations

  • Consumer Goods

    Bring innovative consumer products to market quickly at lower cost

    Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverage

    Maximize your researchers’ expertise and translate the needs of consumers into innovative food and beverages

    Food & Beverage
  • Energy

    Stay agile and maximize opportunities from the laboratory to pilot plants to commercialization

  • Healthcare

    Advance personalized medicine and improve patient outcomes through more efficient healthcare research

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research and manufacturing organizations (CROs and CMOs) to capitalize on their R&D data



Through the use of IDBS software, scientists and technicians working in the laboratory can be more efficient and productive to allow them to spend more time on science and less time transcribing or manipulating data.


Their managers have immediate access to fully traceable results and reports allowing them to ensure quality and compliance where required.


The organizations benefits from having data searchable and visible regardless of data type or format.

This enables organization to link data to data, data to people and people to people to drive innovation, achieve faster time to market and improve margins.

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link data to data, data to people and people to people

We look forward to utilizing E‑WorkBook to provide us with greater visibility and control of data and enhance our ability to search, retrieve and generate reports.

– Tom Smart, AnaptysBio