You can transform the way your lab operates with our world-leading
ELN software

Our ELN software offers organizations to create, share, search and query research and development (R&D) data in real-time, which provides forward-thinking companies opportunities to transform their research process, improve efficiency and enhance their collaboration and outsourcing in a secure, easy-to-use environment.

The IDBS ELN software provides a common view of data across disparate R&D areas, enabling complete visibility of research information, including instrument data, statistical analysis, graphical data and text-based content, along with human observations.

Our intuitive ELN software is part of the The E-WorkBook Cloud,  an end-to-end, cloud-based, scientific informatics platform that supports all your internal, external and hybrid data management and research needs.

The award-winning E-WorkBook Cloud platform is:

  • Scalable – it grows with your R&D data management demands, enabling the automation of traditional paper-based processes and data recording
  • Flexible – modular aspect enables you build or adapt the platform easily, as your organization changes or grows
  • Powerful – being cloud-based, you can easily collaborate across locations or with external partners, knowing your data is accessible yet highly secure
  • Sensible – because it’s an online solution, your IT and financial headaches of installation, maintenance and upgrades are significantly reduced.

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The E-WorkBook Cloud E-Lab Notebook provides:

  • EIGHT intuitive modules that enable customers to select the functionality that meets their current lab requirements
  • A proven enterprise platform, with best-in-class electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) functionality
  • Cutting-edge data capture and analysis tool
  • Integrated work and resource planning tools
  • Anywhere, any time accessibility to data and hassle free installation and upgrades

With our E-Notebook and cloud solutions, you can get back to doing what you do best: science.

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