E-WorkBook Operational Analytics

Operational Data at your fingertips

The E-WorkBook Cloud evolves with a new data access layer. E-WorkBook Operational Analytics enables advanced reporting capabilities that will revolutionize the way system admins and IT analysts impact everyday operations.

Powerful, yet easy to configure

The new functionalities will be automatically updated for SaaS customers with a set of experience-based example queries. The data will be visualized and manipulated within your favorite tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Looker and Spotfire. With E-WorkBook Operational Analytics, you can configure the exact dashboard you need.

Improve your Operational Efficiency, Business Process Compliance and ROI

Data-driven operational decisions boost productivity and accelerate time-to-value, while maintaining the highest level of compliance and data integrity.


With E-WorkBook Operational Analytics, help your team realize the full potential of The E-WorkBook Cloud to stay ahead of the competition.

Watch the demo and download our Info Sheet

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