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Build your Lab of the Future with our E-Notebook for Laboratories

Transform the way your lab operates with our end-to-end, cloud-based, research and development E-Notebook, designed specifically to meet the challenges of scientific and R&D data management.

The IDBS E-Notebook provides an enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that can meet the data management needs of your entire organization, protect your intellectual property (IP), and give you more time to focus on your research and development (R&D) activities.

Our E-Notebook is the backbone of The E-WorkBook Cloud, our intuitive scientific informatics platform that helps R&D organizations meet growing lab demands and create their labs of the future.

The award-winning E-WorkBook Cloud platform is:

  • Scalable – it grows with your R&D data management demands, enabling the automation of traditional paper-based processes and data recording
  • Flexible – modular aspect enables you build or adapt the platform easily, as your organization changes or grows
  • Powerful – being cloud-based, you can easily collaborate across locations or with external partners, knowing your data is accessible yet highly secure
  • Sensible – because it’s an online solution, your IT and financial headaches of installation, maintenance and upgrades are significantly reduced

R&D data management

With our E-Notebook and cloud solutions, you can get back to doing what you do best: science.

Just fill out the form on the right to find out how our online E-Notebook and The E-WorkBook Cloud can help your business.

Transform the way your lab operates with the IDBS E-Notebook

The E-WorkBook Cloud E-Notebook provides:

  • EIGHT intuitive modules that enable customers to select the functionality that meets their current lab requirements
  • A proven enterprise platform, with best-in-class electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) functionality
  • Cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools
  • Integrated work and resource planning tools
  • Integrated sample and inventory management
  • Biology and chemistry modules
  • Anywhere, any time accessibility to data and hassle free installation and upgrades