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Looking for a new process data system?

Polar eliminates data silos and provides the full context behind process and quality data through digital workflows with embedded data and instrument integrations.  Polar Insight builds on this foundation with advanced data modelling and visualization tools for end users, reducing the reliance on data science experts for common analysis requests such as comparing bioreactor runs or complex data sets over multiple campaigns.

Spotlight on: Bioreactor Comparison

Interactive data analytics applications such as operational analytics and bioreactor comparison are designed specifically for biopharma development scientists. The Bioreactor Comparison dashboard provides interactive visualisation and exploration of all bioreactor runs within a campaign including control parameters, process variables, and quality attributes.

Polar Insight supports end-to-end analysis from data access, reporting, visualization, and exploration, accelerating biopharma development and reducing the time to commercial readiness. 

Getting ready for ML/AI

Gaining access to quality data is currently a roadblock to optimizing bioprocesses. Important context and process knowledge is locked away in paper records and spreadsheets while proprietary equipment and instrument data formats lead to inaccessible data silos. Extracting valuable insights from process and quality data across the biopharmaceutical lifecycle is a time consuming and error prone process, requiring laborious manual work and multiple steps.

Polar’s first-of-its-kind data backbone now makes it possible to operationalize data governance throughout biopharma development, ensuring data integrity at the point of execution while improving efficiency. This is a crucial first step to unlock the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help the development of more robust and scalable processes.

To learn more about Polar Insight, download the infosheet.