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IDBS E-WorkBook Software for Lab Inventory Management

E-WorkBook Inventory is a simple-to-use web solution which enables you to seamlessly manage all your laboratory inventory needs from one place, helping you save time and boost productivity. Our laboratory inventory management software lets you record your lab equipment, materials and samples, and manage the locations where they’re stored.

Now you can simplify your lab management and sample management processes, which means you can record experiments faster, track and review inventory quickly and efficiently, improve the traceability of inventory usage and reinforce compliance.

E-WorkBook Inventory’s easy-to-use web interface means the system can be used from a multitude of different device types and the system integrates with other external technologies such as bar code scanners, making day-to-day updates and interactions even easier.

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Technical Description

E-WorkBook Inventory extends The E-WorkBook Cloud platform in a way that provides organizations more options for planning, executing, or reviewing laboratory work. Our integrated system uses features such as bar code scanning and location management to save time and reduce error, and supports diverse monitoring and compliance needs.

The intuitive and feature-rich interface enables resource planning and monitoring that prevents busy scientists from costly delays caused by inadequate supplies or equipment.

Since day-to-day inventory changes can be tracked at point-of-use all within the lab workflow, a valuable record of contextual information is captured that can be applied to support quality management and compliance as well.

By simplifying lab inventory management, E-WorkBook Inventory gives time back to researchers, allowing them to focus on innovation and doing what they do best: increasing the opportunities for data-driven discoveries and insights, providing better value on R&D spend.

Key Features

  • Manage inventory records and items for lab equipment, materials, reagents, and samples
  • Clean and intuitive UI making it easy for users to create, search, update, and track use of inventory and different items
  • Manage locations and storage out of the box
  • Seamless exchange of inventory usage data within the lab workflow and throughout E-WorkBook
  • Easily associate inventory items with ELN records to automatically track usage
  • Asset genealogy creates relationships between items, traceability, and auditability in laboratory work
  • Print and scan barcode labels to streamline management tasks and reduce error
  • Quickly find, manage, and report on inventory data with context of experimental work