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Introducing Integrations Module

E-WorkBook deployments need to seamlessly integrate into the fabric of our customers’ research systems, and E-WorkBook Integration combines a rich set of APIs with out-of-the-box integration mechanisms to cover both simple and complex integration use cases.

With E-WorkBook Integrations, we aim to provide a framework for integrations that allows for easy development and a consistent, simple user experience.

We have worked with vendors and partners to ensure critical integrations can be supported including simple instruments like balances and pH meters, complex instruments like CDS, plate readers and metabolite analyzers, and other instruments like LIMS, sample management systems and chemical inventory systems.

Technical Description

The E-WorkBook platform combines a rich set of APIs with out-of-the-box integration mechanisms to cover a wide range of integration use cases, and has been designed with extensibility and integration in mind to support the enterprise informatics ecosystem.

E-WorkBook Integrations includes support for the storage and editing of common office productivity and image file types, a print to E-WorkBook capability which allows reports and instrument print outs to be captured easily and with full searchability and configurable methods for parsing instrument output files, allowing super users to develop integrations without writing code.

In addition to our core product capabilities, customers can leverage IDBS professional services and our extensive partner network to support more specialized integration needs. We have provided integrations for many frequently used systems and instruments, including SDMS, LIMS, CDS, ERP and benchtop instruments.

Key Features

  • Create custom document types for use in a record (like a custom file renderer or form)
  • Retrieve, create, update and delete entities (projects, experiments, documents) and entity metadata
  • Retrieve, create, update and delete users and security groups
  • Configure security roles and permissions
  • Retrieve, create, update, and delete catalog terms, entries and lists
  • Retrieve, create, update and configure task workflows
  • Retrieve event activities from the system activity log

Send To Easily print reports from any software

Chromatograms, instrument reports, etc.