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Electronic Lab Notebook Software

The ability to create, share, search and query research and development (R&D) data in real-time, offers your organization the opportunity to transform the research process with improved efficiency and enhanced collaboration in a secure, easy-to-use environment.

Bringing together every aspect of a researcher’s day-to-day activities, the E-WorkBook ELN provides a common view of data across disparate R&D areas, enabling complete visibility of research information, including instrument data, statistical analysis, graphical data and text-based content along with human observations. Efficiency is enhanced by the inbuilt workflow capability supporting the review and witnessing processes.

Reducing the administrative burden associated with report generation leaves more time for innovation. The ability to drag-and-drop content to be included in a report, such as specific data analysis and graphical content, makes report creation simple and fast.

Cross-discipline flexibility and support for many different data types, means the E-WorkBook ELN accommodates the needs of all scientists, with the ability to cater for highly regulated, procedure-based experimentation, as well as the unpredictable nature of early-stage research.

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Technical Description

The E-WorkBook Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), provides an enterprise ELN that meets the data management needs of your entire organization, protects your intellectual property (IP), and gives you more time to focus on your research and development (R&D) activities.

Whether you’re ready for web-enabled working, or aiming for a modern lab of the future, our electronic lab notebook is flexible enough to adapt to your needs. The E-WorkBook ELN’s performance scales as the number of users and quantity of your data grows.

It delivers rapid return on investment (ROI) with a paper replacement deployment across business units and tackles more complex data challenges in subsequent phases as required. The E-WorkBook ELN covers all your diverse business needs in a single platform.

Drawing on unrivalled real-world experience of R&D data management, the E-WorkBook ELN captures corporate knowledge in a searchable, traceable electronic repository. The superior auditing capabilities of the E-WorkBook ELN makes tracking content history, QA and QC straightforward.

Chronological, legible and fully audit-trailed records show all of the research tasks conducted, together with the ability to see when, where, by whom and under what conditions information was captured.

Key Features

  • Supports Microsoft Office and common image formats using simple drag-and-drop
  • Easy-to-use tagging and commenting features that encourage collaboration
  • Search both unstructured and structured content
  • User-configurable project and personal dashboards to follow people, projects, research topics and user comments
  • Highly flexible security model and hierarchy provides the flexibility to manage many different scenarios that traditional ELNs cannot handle due to their rigidity
  • Integrate with other systems to provide true automation and remove transcription errors
  • Full GxP support with version control, auditing and multistep digital signature workflows
  • Dynamic landing pages bring relevant data and information to the fore removing the need to hunt for information
  • Supports LDAP and a variety of digital identity and signature platforms