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IDBS E‑WorkBook Sharing & Reporting Data Software for Biology

Registration and data management across the biologic R&D life cycle is complex; E-WorkBook Biology aims to make that easier by adding complex biologics support to the world’s leading biology research platform.

Using The E-Workbook Cloud with our new Biology capabilities provides the unique ability to edit, register and search for novel biomolecular entities within your business, and the addition of biomolecule structure support to the notebook and integrated biologic registration allows for full traceability and advanced reporting across the product lifecycle.

By leveraging technology that uses the HELM standard, E-WorkBook Biology can manage traditional nucleotides, peptides and cell lines, as well as molecules with synthetic monomers and chemical modifications.

Technical Description

Our structure-driven registration supports a diverse set of complex macromolecules such as oligonucleotides, proteins, cell lines, antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, etc. This includes unique functionality to support chemical modifications and synthetic monomers the fuzzy area between chemical entities and biologic entities.

More information will be available once E-WorkBook Biology has been released later this year.

Key Features

  • Biomolecule editing and rendering
  • Support for many complex molecule formats
  • Support for standard file formats (such as FASTA, Genbank, etc.)
  • Association of results with a registered biomolecule
  • Sample handling and traceability between entities
  • Integrated biologic registration