E-WorkBook for Collaboration

Efficient Research & Development operations require the coordination of disparate business units, resources and timelines. Today geographically-dispersed partner networks use multiple systems to generate and share research data via email, custom tools and document repositories. It’s a wonder anyone can find and reuse anything.

Manage Your External R&D Data Sharing Securely With E‑WorkBook 

E-WorkBook provides a single, scientific technology capable of providing secure and isolatable areas to do collaborative scientific work where ideas, data and IP can be captured for permanent record in E-WorkBook at the click of a button.

E-WorkBook is a secure, cloud-based technology that enables companies, who collaborate with external parties, to create secure spaces to share ideas, data, analysis methods and IP.

All data captured can be published to E-WorkBook and a built-in PDF engine enables completed experiments to be downloaded in PDF format for long-term storage in other systems. All changes to experiments and items within an experiment are audited to provide an IP trail of who did what and when.

Access to features within E-WorkBook can be easily managed. Ideas, data and IP can be captured for permanent record in E-WorkBook. E-WorkBook supports E-WorkBook Chemistry items and the IDBS web spreadsheet (Advance) used widely across Biology, providing a single tool for collaborative research.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based, Collaboration capability within E-WorkBook
  • Flexible, cost-effective licensing model – no penalties for adding new projects or reassigning licenses to new partners
  • Securely plan, track & execute complex R&D across geographically-dispersed teams
  • Easily coordinate tasks & maintain oversight of multiple external projects
  • Supports CRO/CMO, academic partnership and consortium collaboration
  • Intuitive design makes it easy to work with new partners
  • Create templates for structured data capture
  • Save time & dramatically reduce external data transfer errors
  • Designed to control user access & ensure data security integration
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Technical Description

E-WorkBook is in the cloud, enabling you to create secure spaces to share ideas, data, analysis methods and IP. With E-WorkBook, users can create a new secure workspace and invite users from both inside and outside their own organization.

Users who have access to each workspace can see the data associated to it; users without access are not even aware the workspace exists. Experiments and content from within E-WorkBook are published to a secure workspace. This enables you to quickly turn collaborative work and insight into IP and a long-term record without requiring you to provide access to your critical corporate systems.

Not all collaborators, CROs and partners are the same. E-WorkBook comes with support for the IDBS web spreadsheet (Advance) enabling you to control the data entry process, calculations and quality. All edits to documents are version-controlled with previews, so you can see changes made by partners and restore earlier versions in just a few clicks. Built-in social features allow you to comment on work to individuals and teams to enable effective discourse.

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