IDBS Blog | 11th February 2016

Introducing E-WorkBook 10.1

We’ve been gathering feedback, reviewing market trends, and meeting with customers and partners alike to drive our development priorities for the upcoming year. With the release of 10.1 in January, we’ve brought even more key functionality to the web and are already seeing the excitement in our customer base. We’re working with more and more customers looking to the web to take advantage of the simpler interface and new functionality. So what can you expect from 10.1? Here are a few highlights:


We continue to invest in enterprise features of E-WorkBook, a couple of items in 10.1:

  • Single sign-on via SAML authentication so that users don’t have another password to remember
  • Spreadsheet auditing and new audit formulae to support customers with GxP requirements


The first iteration of chemistry on the web leveraging our partnership with ChemAxon. The 10.1 release is laying the groundwork for our aggressive chemistry roadmap, starting with:

  • Drawing structures and reactions to experiments using the web drawing tool
  • Searching on structures and sub-structures, and the ability to limit results based on unique matches


In keeping with our mantra of ‘simplify everything’, we strive to enhance usability as we deliver functionality on the web. This theme pervades 10.1, examples include:

  • Grouped spreadsheet queries allow end users to execute complex searches within E-WorkBook and to external systems with a single button, including search dependencies
  • Smartfill has been extended so that workflows can pull contextual information from the hierarchy, reducing the need for user entry
  • The sign off workflow process has been further simplified


Integration is a theme that we are shifting into high gear in 2016. We’ve brought the key integration mechanisms to the web in 10.1, and will continue to build on this.

  • Instrument Reader is now part of the core web spreadsheet, allowing seamless integration to simple instruments via TCP/IP
  • Label Printing is also part of the core web spreadsheet, so users can print directly to bartender from E-WorkBook
  • DataLink has been upgraded for web, supporting SQL queries to other systems and allowing credentials and database details to be centrally stored for easy execution

Søg efter

Search has been completely revamped in the web for 10.1, and is the best search interface E-WorkBook has ever had. The new interface provides the simple usability customers have come to expect from
E-WorkBook, all while continuing to add advanced search capabilities.

  • Experiment previews allow users to ‘flip through’ their search results because sometimes you just won’t know it until you see it
  • Advanced parameterized searching and result filtering and sorting to easily find exactly what you’re looking for

10.1 and Beyond

Looking forward, we’re excited for what 2016 has in store. E-WorkBook 10.1 is the most powerful and easy to use release yet, providing a platform for new functionality and modules which continue to bring powerful informatics to R&D that are simple and easy to use. 

If you’d like to discuss the new features, our future vision, or plan for an upgrade, contact your IDBS representative to learn more. 

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