Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update to customers

[A more recent update has been posted here on March 17th, 2020]

Dear Customer,

In the light of current developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), IDBS has taken a series of measures to ensure ongoing service continuity for our customers. IDBS has also taken additional measures to ensure Associate safety, health and wellbeing is monitored and maintained.

Each IDBS department has business continuity plans in place. The continuity plans are set to readiness based on ongoing monitoring by our Incident Control Team and our parent company, Danaher.

The following steps have or already are being directly taken by IDBS to mitigate the impact that the Coronavirus may have on our operations:

  • All IDBS Associates are requested to take preventive steps in terms of avoiding exposure to crowded places, avoiding presence in the office if they feel unwell and seeking medical assistance for any type of health deterioration. This is reinforced by a zero tolerance to attending IDBS Office locations at first sights of any sickness
  • A travel restriction has been placed across IDBS to only allow travel in the cases of essential customer engagements
  • Associate personal travel arrangements are being monitored and self-isolation rules enforced if Associates travel to areas of high incidence of Coronavirus as advised by WHO and US/UK Governments and guided by Danaher
  • Home working arrangements have been confirmed and made ready for all office-based IDBS Associates and will be reverted to if the situation escalates
  • All E-WorkBook Cloud supporting systems are set in readiness against our prepared business continuity plans and the supporting Teams will follow the guidance from our Incident Control Team in order to ensure service and system availability is preserved
  • IDBS has invested heavily in system and process controls, such as being the first vendor in the space to achieve SOC2 compliance, to help give you confidence that your data and business operations are secure. For more information visit

Updates on IDBS systems and Associate availability will be maintained on our website and through the IDBS Customer Support Community. If you have an issue or query with an IDBS product or service, please continue to contact IDBS Customer Support as your first point of contact and refer to the IDBS Community and website for further situational updates. These channels will be preserved as the main contact points for customers.

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COVID-19 and IDBS with Christian Marcazzo, Vice President and General Manager