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Innovation of scientific research platforms can be impeded due to the traditional requirements around validation. How can you achieve business growth faster through the advances in technology? If roughly six months lost and a massive bill to pay sound familiaryou’re not alone. Implementation and upgrades in a validated environment incur a massive cost. PQ (Performance Qualification) is a major part of this, typically taking months of manual effort including scripting and downtime during execution.   

If you have been relying on third parties to write and manually execute PQ scripts, or diverting internal resource, then you will likely have experienced this approach to be inflexible and doesn’t meet the requirements of bespoke workflows and solutions. In a fast-changing environment with everevolving requirements, this dramatically increases the chance of quality and compliance issues, putting your business at risk 

The industry is moving towards continuous, automated validation. You should be too 

manual vs automated validation

SaaS platforms are becoming recognized as a viable option for validated environments. This requires a modern approach to validation to ensure the full benefits of SaaS where the platform receives updates on a regular and frequent cadence, unlike historical on-premise installations. You need automated testing to enable the quick turnaround of validation without a reduction in quality or scope.  


You’ve envisioned the ideal scenario: scientists focusing on the science, not the technology or the validation effort. With IDBS Cloud Validation Servicesthat becomes a reality. 

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