BioPharma Lifecycle Management

The first BioPharma development platform for out-of-the-box workflows, equipment integrations, and deep insight

What is BPLM?

BioPharma Lifecycle Management helps organizations reduce the time and cost of delivering life-changing therapies to patients. It is designed to get you up and running quickly, with out-of-the-box workflows that remove time-consuming and laborious manual processes.
In addition, offering an agile integration layer that ensures data integrity and improves the user experience. It does this by integrating into your ecosystem of instruments and equipment all while curating a high-quality and accessible data backbone that supports next-level process insights through reporting and analytics, as well as being digital twin-ready.

We still see that around 60% of work is carried out in paper records or spreadsheets. Where data is being recorded or generated by equipment or instruments, the burden lies with highly skilled process scientists and engineers to spend 30-40% of their very valuable time on painful and error-prone documentation and data transcription. This results in a significant amount of re-work, where the data needed to support a decision simply can’t be found.

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Meet IDBS Polar

Polar is a cloud-based BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) platform that eliminates repetitive manual tasks, enabling you to efficiently execute your processes while curating the data you need to accelerate time to market by tackling the biggest challenges in process design, optimization, scale-up and technology transfer.

Polar’s “right first time” deployment methodology uses out-of-the-box workflows paired with IDBS’ deep domain understanding and field experience. We accelerate time-to-value and reduce the risk in implementation. Let’s continue this conversation.

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