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Expert Interview: Push the Boundaries of Innovation in Biologics

20th Feb 2019

In this interview, Unjulie discusses the challenges in the current biologics scene, from business problems through to generating data in the laboratory, and explains how The IDBS Bioprocess Solution can help tackle these issues.

Rising competition in the biologics development space means that customers need to achieve the right targets. Changes in scientific technology can streamline processes to maximize production and efficiency. But there is also increased pressure and scrutiny on the value of the product and its profitability.

Between scientific development, bringing together parallel systems running on different software, and focusing on the right data, Unjulie highlights how The IDBS Solution can manage your workflow across different functions and save time in the process.

Unjulie Bhanot is a Solutions Consultant at IDBS. She works closely with our Sales, Product and Delivery teams to ensure customers have a smooth transition after buying our product.

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Unjulie Bhanot