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The E-WorkBook Chemistry ELN is getting a new look and feel! As part of the transition of functionality to the web-based E‑WorkBook client, we’re completely re-designing the user interface to make it simpler and easier to use for chemists.

A strategic partnership with ChemAxon ( has allowed us to rapidly establish a web-based cheminformatics platform, providing the basis for our next-generation chemistry ELN product. In addition to implementing the MarvinJS and JChem tool from ChemAxon (check out the video on YouTube here), we’re leveraging a lot of the deep-knowledge and experience from our legacy E‑WorkBook desktop chemistry electronic notebook platform.

There’s a lot of legacy chemistry functionality to migrate to the web during our application rebuild, but we’re making good progress. However, instead of conducting this development process in a silo, we’re actively working with interested customers. IDBS run Chemistry Forum events in Boston and Munich every three months, to empower users and allow them to help shape the product. These round table discussions have yielded great insights and helped to set the vision of where we want to take the E‑WorkBook Chemistry ELN.

Chemistry is alive in E‑WorkBook and you can bookmark this blog to keep up to date with our development. There are lots of interesting things to look forward to!