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As a company IDBS has long been at the forefront of developing Data Solutions to help the fight against a vast range of health issues through commercialised drug discovery and now Personalised Medicine software solutions. But recently a number of ‘soft-hair’ developments have been spotted around IDBS that signalled an altogether more focused campaign.

It’s all thanks to the efforts of Dave Hanlon, Mark Burnie and Nick Jones from IDBS Decision Support Team. These unsung heroes have been channelling their inner Tom Selleck to grow moustaches for the charity Movember in a bid to raise vital funds and awareness of men’s health issues, including prostate and testicular cancer.

All three agree that it’s a vital cause. On November 1st David summed up their motivation as a need to “raise awareness of these health issues for men and reduce the stigma felt about seeking help for them – before it is too late.”

In light of recent reports of some encouraging news among otherwise highly variable survival rates across the whole range of cancers, their efforts are particularly well timed. 

Hair today …

Four weeks as “Mo Bro’s” appear to have had quite an effect on the hirsute trio. Mark recently commented, “I’m looking more and more like my dad (minus the beard) which is making me feel older and older by the day. And I’ve really discovered the true meaning of Itchy and Scratchy!”

Dave was quick to agree: “I can see it at the bottom of my vision around my nose… and it itches!” While Nick reports yet another difficulty, “Actually, for me keeping the rest [of my face] sort of shaved is more of a hassle.”

All three report an increase in (sometimes admiring) glances in their direction, although a recent FaceBook viral campaign urging female followers to show their appreciation in a more ‘physical’ form has yet to result in any firm offers.

… gone tomorrow

So will our intrepid group be keeping their luxuriously thatched upper lips for the foreseeable future? As their partners seem less than impressed with their sterling efforts, it seems not. We leave the final word on the matter with Mark.

“The missus has politely informed me that come the night of the 30th there will be a shearing happening at our place, whether I like it or not. I can’t wait!”

Thanks to everyone who has supported Dave, Mark and Nick so generously. If you would like to make a donation please visit