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Why the world needs to get real about how we treat data for INDs

It goes without saying that preclinical collaboration is complex business. So why then is so much of the historical data, collected over so many years of intensive research, so problematical to actually use and collaborate with?

More than ever before the industry needs a “Single Point of Truth” – an authoritative datasource that every member of the chain can access and use as they need at every stage of IND development.

There are three key goals that customers tell us they need to achieve:

“Every group in my community must be allowed (and have the ability) to collaborate via data.”

“We have to find a way to use historical data more intelligently to improve the speed and quality of the whole process.”

“We’re crying out for a way to simplify the production and validation of IND submission.”

We believe that better use of data can be delivered today – cost effectively and efficiently – if we use the right approach and a data-centric information system that already exists. So if you’re looking for some real world answers to improving IND data delivery read on