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  • The E-WorkBook Cloud is now Cloud Product of the Year!

    We are delighted to announce that The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud has been named Cloud Product of the Year at the National Technology Awards in London. It is great to see our commitment to enabling organizations to operate faster, more effectively and tackle their most significant challenges has been recognized...

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  • To LIMS or not to LIMS?

    So, you think you need a LIMS to execute your solutions workflows? You’re not the only one. For years, a LIMS has been one of the ‘go to’ products to support laboratory operations. But, although the features of laboratory information management systems have improved over time, the systems still...

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  • Is email really the best way to collaborate with your outsourcing partner?

    Outsourcing partnerships have changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Pharmaceutical drug discovery companies have finally embraced subcontracting as a way to harness strategic collaboration and expertise, and not just as a source of cost-effective labor. Outsourcing partners have already become vital stakeholders in the drug portfolio of several...

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  • Turning a negative into a positive: electronic chemical data management

    When you think about research, it’s easy to overlook all the experiments that didn’t work or provided the wrong outcome. Just as chemical elements have an equal and opposite charge for protons and electrons, research results come in both positive outcomes (synthesis of lead candidate) and negative outcomes (black...

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