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Bioanalysis: improving compliance and reducing the QC burden

Based on best industry practice, the IDBS Bioanalysis Solution is a study management that provides a platform of interconnected workflows that support small and large molecule bioanalysis.

It captures data electronically and structures workflows to drive bioanalytical processes including sample preparation, analysis and auditing deployed in bioanalytical labs at biopharmaceutical companies around the world.

Streamlining processes and audits

In an increasingly competitive market, bioanalytical CROs are slowed down by a siloed set of processes that is part paper-based and part electronic. The result is a limited understanding of the results and slower reporting of data. What bioanalytical labs require is a solution whose primary impact will be to streamline processes and make audits quick and transparent.

By reducing the QC stages and shrinking the time spent on compliance processes, the IDBS Bioanalysis Solution cuts reporting cycles and, in turn, overall study time. Inconsistencies in data are captured in real time, preventing costly reworks at the reporting stage.

The solution also offers traceability to all reagents and instruments used and implements preconfigured workflows to facilitate sample preparation, support study review and QA audit, and ease document burden.

Improving compliance

Reporting processes in the laboratory can be resource intensive, but the IDBS Solution is built to improve compliance and reduce QC burden. The system accepts raw data from plate readers and values from pH meters eliminating transcription errors, speeding up workflows and reducing study execution times. Bioanalytical labs can manage their electronic methods including date and time stamps, check expiry dates of all materials used and review calculations –to drive all aspects of sample analysis.

By offering a secure electronic platform for data acquisition, complying with regulations and reducing time-to-value, the IDBS Bioanalysis Solution is proven to increase productivity in research and development companies.

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