Tip SheetsTop 10 reasons to move from on-premise to IDBS Polar cloud technology

Top 10 reasons to move from on-premise to IDBS Polar cloud technology

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Why migrate to the IDBS Cloud? Accelerate business outcomes with agility, drive innovation and assure trust and compliance.

1. Advance security

IDBS Cloud prioritizes security by partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to implement well-architected security design principles across all aspects of your IDBS experience and data. This builds upon your existing security practices.

Access the highest levels of security through a dedicated security team, round-the-clock proactive monitoring tools, stringent controls and policies and security certifications. All while adhering to industry standards including ISO 27001 for information security management.

2. Disaster recovery backup

All databases are replicated in multiple data centers and in different regions to protect your data in the event of a disaster.

Through usage of the AWS Cloud services and IDBS partnership, unlock integrated disaster recovery capabilities, and more robust and cost-effective than on-premise options.

3. IT resource savings

IDBS Cloud services handle all updates and upgrades, ensuring you always have access to the latest features without additional effort.

Free your in-house IT resources: no need to continually buy or maintain your own infrastructures, cycling through outmoded hardware and/or software systems and constantly updating applications.

4. Agility for scalability

IDBS Cloud applications are designed to be scalable both vertically and horizontally, enabling them to adapt to the specific needs of companies, including easily adding new users and providing new capabilities with minimal downtime.

Be agile: leveraging modern cloud architecture, we can quickly respond to your evolving requirements and global events, ensuring responsiveness and agility.

5. Rapid responses, 24/7 monitoring

IDBS Global Professional Services offers dedicated support teams and observability tooling for comprehensive application monitoring and alerts.

Rely on your cloud infrastructure: High service uptime is guaranteed.

6. Sustainability support

IDBS Polar Insight cloud-based tools such as Design of Experiments (DoE) help identify the most efficient experimental conditions, reducing the number of runs and minimizing waste.

Optimize productivity: your data is stored in a centralized location and is easily accessible to enable you to streamline workflows and increase reproducibility, therefore avoiding waste of resources.

7. Secure collaborations

IDBS Cloud technologies enable you to share information across multiple geographies and collaborate with authorized external parties like vendors and contract research organizations (CROs).

Share safely. Technology geared toward security assurance and authorized access, with the latest security measures (i.e., encryption, multi-factor authentication, etc.) built-in.

8. Innovation driver

Increase the pace of innovation by accessing the latest capabilities and enhancements quicker through automatic updates via your IDBS SaaS solution.

9. Adherence to regulation

The IDBS GxP Cloud is managed by IDBS experts who have extensive knowledge and training on validated systems.

Gain confidence in your results: Extensive testing ensures that data integrity and traceability are maintained. Reduce risk and improve quality and consistency: through automated processes and infrastructure.

10. Guaranteed high-service uptime

IDBS Cloud service providers have the expertise and technology to provide continuous monitoring and rapid incident response.

Work in a stable cloud environment: if a problem occurs, IDBS SaaS specialists know exactly where to look and how to rectify it.

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