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In the news |  6 June 2024

Strategies for tapping the cloud to scale data transformation in biopharma

The adoption of cloud technology within the BioPharma sector is steadily gaining momentum. Embracing the cloud and prioritizing a cloud-first strategy are strategic moves for future-proofing BioPharma operations and unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI).
In this article from Drug Discovery and Development article, Stuart Ward, Head of Platform Strategy at IDBS, discusses the pivotal role of cloud computing in facilitating generative AI, optimizing data management and enhancing scalability. He also highlights how cloud solutions empower companies to harness generative AI for competitive advantage and faster market delivery of therapies.
Read more in this excerpt of the article, originally published in Drug Discovery & Development. Shared here by permission.
Biopharma’s gradual embrace of the cloud is picking up pace. In 2022, PwC surveyed more than one hundred pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. Forty percent were already running all of their operations in the cloud; another 55% hoped to join them by late this year. The report also found that the most successful companies used their cloud transitions to jumpstart digital transformation. As generative AI takes off, they may be best positioned to take advantage.
According to a January 2024 McKinsey report, generative AI is poised to unlock tens of billions in new biopharma revenue each year. It will help scientists extract relevant information from scientific papers, predict chemicals that are good bets for further testing, help researchers better design large molecules, use real-world patient data to find new drug indications, optimize clinical trial populations, and more.
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About the author

Stuart ward, Head of Platform Strategy, IDBSStuart Ward is Head of Platform Strategy at IDBS and is responsible for ensuring that IDBS’ software platform and products meet the needs of customers today and in the future. The Platform Strategy team provides the necessary business, technical and domain experience along with customer and market insights required to create software and solutions to enable BioPharma and other industries to achieve faster scientific breakthroughs. He led the creation and launch of The E-WorkBook GxP Cloud, which was IDBS’ first SaaS product for use in regulated (21 CFR Part 11, GxP) environments. Before starting this role in January 2014, he was Product Manager for E-WorkBook for four years and worked in IDBS Global Professional Services for five years, responsible for deploying IDBS’ products both from a technical and project management perspective. Prior to working at IDBS, Stuart completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the NIH and then worked for Ionix Pharmaceuticals. Stuart obtained his PhD in Pharmacology from the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (University of London).