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Cloud-Driven Transformation: Empowering business agility and data security

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Digital Maturity Webinar Series
Session 4

Power your digital data strategy

In the initial three sessions of our 5-part series on Digital Maturity, we take you through the journey from digitalization to  digital transformation  starting from evaluating digital options through building a strong foundation and ensuring you know how to be “AI-ready”.

Computing and resourcing requirements go hand-in-hand with progression through the digital maturity stages. The use of AI, ML and LLM, in conjunction with large data sets, demands that appropriate software architecture and technologies with the correct guardrails are in place – including cloud capabilities. Though cloud computing is present in our daily lives, the BioPharma industry is known to be apprehensive in adopting this technology, with concerns on trust and data accessibility – a decision that can hinder digital transformation efforts. 

Join us in this fourth webinar as we aim to break down the barriers of moving to the cloud, including selecting SOC-certified and validated vendors, a checklist of principles that can help strengthen cloud security, and what to consider when designing your data sovereignty requirements.  

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Key Learnings 

  • The considerations when selecting a vendor in order to ensure reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable function in the cloud 
  • The roles organizations and their vendors play in ensuring data and system security and compliance, and the suitable democratization of data 
  • How to assess your vendor against their data sovereignty policies to stay compliant and leverage the true benefits of cloud technologies 


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Meet our speaker

Move to cloud-based lab data management platform

Chris Ovett

Lead Platform Product Manager, Cloud Strategy, IDBS

Chris Ovett is the Lead Platform Product Manager for the IDBS Cloud Platform. He is accountable for defining IDBS strategy and executing the roadmap for the underpinning technology and process that enables teams across IDBS to deliver novel products and solutions to our customers. A versatile leader with over twenty years of experience in Product, Solution Architecture, Engineering and Services who places customers at the core, leading them through all stages of their digital journey.

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