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Digital Maturity Webinar Series
Session 1

Digital maturity

Unleash the power of digital solutions

This webinar is the first in our 5-part series on Digital Maturity, and you will learn what benefits an effective digital strategy can bring in terms of time, money, resources, quality and speed from Unjulie Bhanot, Product Marketing Manager, Process Development and Manufacturing.

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The BioPharma industry is at a crossroads between the rise in new technological and biological innovation trends, and the growing set of data integrity regulations and increases in operational costs. However, many organizations have failed to leverage the capabilities of digital and analytics tools, setting them behind on their digital maturity journey and impacting delivery of therapeutics to market. Inefficiencies in data management and the consequent accumulation of poor-quality data set organizations back in their pursuit of delivering world-class therapeutics patients need today. IDBS has over 30 years of experience partnering with BioPharma companies in the design and implementation of digital solutions and the in-house expertise to guide you in your digital maturity journey.  

In this first session in our Digital Maturity webinar series, we share examples of challenges that siloed data can cause, their consequences and what benefits an effective digital strategy can bring in terms of time, money, resources, quality and speed. We will provide a checklist of considerations so that you can gain maximum potential from your digital tools and strategies. The key concepts you will learn are essential for leaders who want to revolutionize their digital operations.  

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Meet our speaker

Unjulie Bhanot, Product Marketing Manager, IDBS.

Unjulie Bhanot

Product Marketing Manager, Process Development and Manufacturing, IDBS

Unjulie Bhanot is the Product Marketing Manager for Process Development and Manufacturing at IDBS. With over 10 years of experience in the BioPharma informatics space, she has led the strategy and development of IDBS’ bioprocess solutions and was instrumental in the launch of IDBS Polar to market. 

She joined IDBS in 2016 and spent over three years as part of the Global Professional Services and Solutions Consulting teams, where she was responsible for presenting business and technical value of IDBS solutions to customers. In 2019, she assumed a leading role in the Product & Strategy team, establishing enterprise solutions for BioPharma, and closely continues her relationship with this domain today. 

Prior to joining IDBS, Unjulie worked as an R&D scientist at Lonza Biologics and UCB. She received a BSc in Biochemistry and MSc in Immunology from Imperial College London. 

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