VideosCrownBio implements IDBS' ELN for electronic experimental records

CrownBio realizes a paperless lab & electronic experimental records with IDBS


Implementing IDBS’ ELN helped CrownBio realize paperless and electronic experimental records, facilitating retrieval and query, and at the same time optimizing our business processes and helping them to be more standardized.

From laboratory to manufacturing, IDBS has more than thirty years of industry experience working with a variety of customers including 22 of the top 25 BioPharmaceutical companies in the world and 8 of the top 10 CROs in the world.

IDBS leverages its deep expertise in digitalization and process data management to unlock the power of scientific data to cope with today’s complex drug R&D and manufacturing.

In 2022, CrownBio joined with IDBS to build a paperless laboratory and enterprise-level data management platform.

CrownBio is a global contract research organization (CRO) that provides drug discovery, preclinical and translational research services, and is committed to advancing research in oncology and immuno-oncology.

Fengwei Cheng, Senior Director of Information at CrownBio, said: “Digitalization is an important strategy for CrownBio’s innovative development and an ELN is an important puzzle piece for the company’s digital transformation.”

“IDBS’ ELN products are leading the industry, from the overall IT architecture and functional design.”

Lin Guo, Executive Director and Head of Asia Pacific, said: “The ELN project helped us realize paperless and electronic experimental records facilitating retrieval and query, and at the same time optimizing our business processes and helping us to be more standardized.”

“After the system went online, it provided modern working scenarios for scientists and significantly improved their work experience.”

“In the process of designing the experimental templates, we also added a lot of automatic calculation and data verification links, which simplified the manual calculation and review process.”

“While improving the data quality, it also reduced the workload of the QA department and helped us better deliver high-quality data to customers.”

The system uses standard API interfaces to connect to the animal management system, print labels and use the QR code scanning function more conveniently.

IDBS also supports data entry with mobile devices.

You can easily obtain instrument data or enter data using an iPad.

Through the deep integration of ELN and Inventory, full sample lifecycle management of registration, storage, transfer, use and destruction is achieved.

Fengwei Cheng said: “China’s local implementation team provides complete accompanying services.”

“During the implementation process, we used IDBS’ ELN as the main database to reorganize existing data resources, optimize the structure of data assets, and achieve integration and interoperability between systems, which is very critical to the advancement of the company’s overall digitalization strategy.”

“At the same time, we also upgraded the balance to the Internet of Things and accessed it through wireless or network methods for unified management.”

“In conjunction with the launch of the ELN project, we have also simultaneously promoted projects such as the intelligent laboratory animal center management platform to help CrownBio continue to lead in digitalization and provide our customers with better services.”

In early 2023, the IDBS China team was established on the Molecular Devices platform to better serve Chinese customers.

Please contact the IDBS China team for more details.

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