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In the news |  16 April 2024

Embracing AI requires digital literacy. How will your organization prepare?

In this article from Drug Development and Delivery, Dave Watrous, Vice President, Sales, Customer Services and Marketing at IDBS explains why pharmaceutical companies must focus on bridging internal digital literacy gaps as they invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. Doing so can help ensure that the right tools are adopted and that these serve to effectively boost innovation.
Read more in this excerpt of the article, originally published in Drug Development & Delivery. Shared here by permission. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) pres­ent incredible business opportunities. But it’s not enough to say, “Our business will prioritize AI.” Often, a big gap exists between the technical expertise of scientific leaders on the one hand and the strategic expertise of business leaders on the other. These groups do not always speak the same language — they either do not understand the technical capabilities and limitations of new tools or they do not see how tools might effectively change the business. To be effective, both scientists and business leaders need a strong grounding in how data science can serve their goals.

Some big pharmaceutical companies have already recog­nized these challenges and instigated programs to support inter­nal digital literacy around AI and ML. As these tools become more accessible for many organizations, it is time to embark on a learning and training journey.

Perhaps your organization already has exceptional processes in place around innovation, change management, and ongoing skill development. If not, building digital literacy around ML and AI is also a great opportunity to strengthen your training strategy.

The most crucial step in building an effective plan is to figure out who needs to know what, and when. Sure, training end-users is important — eventually. First, though, decision-makers need a clear understanding of the opportunities to set goals and priori­ties. Then, implementation leaders need enough information to vet tools and communicate their vision.

A strong training roadmap for digital literacy begins at the top, and it begins far in advance of any major AI or ML project rollouts.


Read the full article on the Drug Development & Delivery website.

About the author

Dave Watrous is VP, Sales, Customer Success and Marketing at IDBSDave Watrous is VP, Sales, Customer Success and Marketing at IDBS and brings over 20 years of experience in leading teams in the CDMO, CRO and Life Sciences markets. Before IDBS, he held roles in BioPharma companies including Covance and Cytiva. He has an academic background in the life sciences, with a BSc in Genetics, Cell Biology & Development, and another in Biochemistry, both from the University of Minnesota. He then pursued graduate studies in Cancer Biology at the University of Wisconsin.

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