Digitalization best practices for biotech, Holiday Inn, Incheon Songdo, South Korea

Discover new trends in the biologics market and manufacturing technologies, learn about successful case studies and interact with the top experts in the field.

Listen to Paul Oh, Regional Manager for Korea at IDBS, talk about digitalization for BioPharma.

Unlocking the power of your data for faster and smarter decision-making throughout your product lifecycle

The biopharmaceutical industry faces some major bottlenecks in the development lifecycle that can only be overcome by effective digital transformation. According to research by, in excess of 60% of BioPharma organizations are still managing many of their critical steps with paper and Microsoft Office, while struggling to integrate the expanding ecosystem of equipment and data – wasting 30–40% of their time on basic data administration and documentation.

At the heart of the problem is the need to digitally transform the development lifecycle, because in a world of automation, parallelization and digitalization, the main barrier to accelerated biopharmaceuticals is – ironically – the fragility of a lifecycle managed with paper records and silos of data. Especially when contextualized data is the rocket fuel needed to drive speed and innovation.

We accepted the challenge and created a BioPharmaceutical Lifecycle Management (BPLM) system that integrates data from all instruments, all equipment and all software to shorten time to market for biopharmaceuticals like vaccines and therapies.

About Digitalization Best Practices for Biotech: This a joint seminar by IDBS and Tableau Korea.

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