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In the news | 29th January 2024

Digital maturity requires data maturity

Ken Forman, Lead Product Manager, Manufacturing at IDBS, explains why high-quality, intelligible input data and the right group of people are crucial for obtaining actionable insights from AI-generated data in biotech and pharma labs. Read his article in Lab Manager to understand what it takes to unlock the right intelligence from AI.
Read more in this article, originally published in Lab Manager. Shared here by permission.

How to turn data into intelligence in your lab

With the advancement of automation and new drug modalities, modern labs generate more data than ever, but turning data into intelligence is another story. Lab leaders want to make data actionable or achieve data intelligence from their data pools. They know their laboratory data could help their businesses better—they just need to harness it.

AI doesn’t automatically give you the right intelligence

Laboratory data is fertile ground for artificial intelligence (AI). Data-driven quality control can alert labs to instrument trends and deviations. Analyzing data can improve resource allocation and budgeting and identify emerging patterns around degrading data or process integrity.

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About the author

Ken Forman, Director of Product Strategy, IDBSKen has spent over 30 years in product, project and IT operations leadership focused in the software and life science industries.

Prior to joining IDBS where he focuses on software to manage biopharma manufacturing process data, Ken served as Director, Project Management at BIOVIA. Previously, he was Director of Commercial Operations at Fischer Imaging and Director of IT at Allos Therapeutics and Genomica. 

  Ken holds a BSc in Computer Science from Cal Poly and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver.