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In the news | 19th December 2023

Bioanalytical labs need to reimagine data to streamline their operations

Bioanalytical labs working with scattered data often find it difficult to streamline lab operations and make well-informed, faster decisions during drug development. Kevin Tse, Principal Solutions Consultant at IDBS, highlights the transformative impact of centrally accessible, well-structured data for this. He dwells on how the integration of high-quality data and streamlined workflows can help bioanalytical labs expedite sample testing and fast-track the development of life-saving therapies.
Read more in this article, originally published in pharmaphorum. Shared here by permission.

The fundamental questions in the trial phases of drug development are “Does it work?”, “Is it safe?”, and “What else do we need to know?”

These questions can only be answered thanks to bioanalytical labs. The tests that these labs run every day on samples from clinical trials are essential in understanding which drugs and therapeutics will ultimately benefit patients.

The faster scientists are able to make decisions, the faster new drugs can come to market. To facilitate these decisions, scientists need reliable and quality data. Whether labs are housed in sponsor organizations or in contract research organizations (CROs), the underlying challenge is the same: How do we test more samples in less time, without sacrificing accuracy and quality?

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About the author

Kevin Tse is a lead solutions consultant at IDBS. As part of the Solutions team, Kevin identifies value-added solutions to each business’ unique challenges and goals. Prior to joining IDBS, he held a variety of bioanalytical roles in preclinical research, analytical development and quality control within the biopharmaceutical industry. Kevin holds a BSc in Biology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MSc in Bioscience Administration from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.