Navigating your digital journey to AI success


The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) is unavoidable: Following the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the idea of using AI in your daily work quickly shifted from a vague, futuristic concept to a practical reality. There’s growing excitement in the BioPharma industry about the potential benefits of AI and a fear of missing out is prompting many department heads to wonder which of the myriad of available AI solutions might be best for their business on a digital journey: machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) or something else?

Yet the sobering reality is that AI isn’t a panacea for all of BioPharma’s challenges. While AI applications in the areas of drug discovery are already demonstrating benefits and the first AI-designed drugs are now entering clinical trials, even those at the forefront of the field agree that AI is a tool, not a magic bullet.

The value of an AI solution is only as good as the data quality and context you start from and the relevance of the business questions you ask it to solve. The old phrase “garbage in, garbage out” still holds true. No matter how sophisticated your algorithms are, if you’re asking the wrong questions or if you don’t have access to quality data, the results won’t be useful.

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Key points: 

  • The FDA warns about the potential for AI algorithms to amplify errors and pre-existing biases in underlying data sources.
  • The first critical step in your digital journey before implementing AI is to ensure you’re at the right level of digital maturity.
  • A data-centric approach results in improved data accessibility, quality, interoperability and reusability.
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