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Digital backbone for manufacturing & process quality data


PIMS from IDBS is a digital backbone for manufacturing and process quality data.

  • PIMS can help you SPEED UP your business and regulatory reporting;
  • STREAMLINE your scale-up and tech transfer;
  • ENHANCE your process monitoring and understanding;
  • ELEVATE your process quality and manufacturing data visibility and integrity;
  • IMPROVE your operational efficiency.

Aggregating and analyzing product and process data from disparate sources from across the supply chain and throughout the product lifecycle can be difficult for life sciences manufacturers. Reliance on spreadsheets and paper records makes creating, gathering and sharing product and process data burdensome, expensive and prone to data integrity issues.

Most software solutions that seek to address these challenges are costly and time-consuming to deploy and may require custom coding that can lead to validation difficulties, ongoing maintenance requirements, institutional knowledge loss and lack of flexibility.

PIMS from IDBS was purpose-built to address these challenges from early-stage clinical through commercialization. PIMS is an easy-to-use, cloud-based 21 CFR Part 11-compliant workspace that centralizes management of your process development characterization data, scale-up and scale-out, tech transfer and manufacturing process and quality data.

Customers use PIMS to transform their data management, creating a single, contextualized data backbone for paper records, spreadsheets, PDFs and other data from systems such as QMS, LIMS, MES, Historian and ERP. Analytics such as regression analyses and trend charts along with data to support investigations can be easily generated in PIMS and these insights shared with key stakeholders. Necessary data to support regulatory filings and reporting can also be easily generated in PIMS and the time saved from manual data collection used to accelerate the time to filing with regulatory authorities.

PIMS from IDBS is a compliant, easy-to-use solution to your data management problems that scales from early-stage start-ups to mature organizations.


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