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Festival of Biologics, Basel
October 10-12 , Booth 604

Speak to our experts to learn how an innovative approach to tech transfer can enable consistent and compliant processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and expedite the BioPharma Lifecycle facilitated by a digital data backbone and analytics engine that shares data and knowledge.

Unlocking the future of bioprocessing: data-driven revolution in tech transfer for faster, cost-efficient, and high-quality manufacturing

Tech transfer is a critical yet challenging element of drug development and manufacturing. Transferring product, process and equipment knowledge between R&D and manufacturing teams is complex, expensive and time-consuming, costing several million dollars and taking 18 to 30 months.  

To address the tech transfer challenges that can delay or inhibit successful process scale-up, there is a need to rethink how the process description is controlled from the very start of process development, through process characterization and optimization, and ultimately on to manufacturing.  

We will explore how taking a holistic perspective can address key pain points, such as process standardization, design consistency, compliance and communication between R&D and manufacturing teams. This approach, facilitated by a digital data backbone and analytics engine that shares data and knowledge across the BioPharma lifecycle, helps to control the creation and development of the process description, automate experiment generation, facilitate structured experimental execution, integrate DoE and by using industry-standard formats, streamline the transfer of the process description to manufacturing.   

Learn how an innovative tech transfer approach can enable consistent and compliant processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and revolutionize drug manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. 


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Marc Smith

Director of Strategic Solutions, IDBS

Marc is the Director of Strategic Solutions and is accountable for the development of the IDBS Polar BPLM platform and associated solutions. Marc is an expert in laboratory and operational technology, laboratory informatics and system integration, and leads a team of technological and domain experts committed to the development of the Polar Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical sector implementing and leading digital solutions and strategies. Before joining IDBS in 2021, he worked at Lonza Biologics and Angel Biotechnology. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Sunderland. 

Zeeshan Mahmood

Senior Account Manager, IDBS

Zeeshan manages pharmaceutical strategic accounts to meet their GxP and non-GxP data management and lab automation solution needs. Zeeshan has been in the industry for 14+ years working in Research, Development, Digital Transformation and Strategic Portfolio Management. He has worked at global pharma and life sciences companies to procure, implement and maintain their enterprise systems from research to manufacturing. Zeeshan understands the unique needs of the pharma and life science industry as it moves forward with technology to realize the lab of the future. He is currently completing his master’s studies in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology at WU Exec Academy, Tomorrow University.  

Alexandra Laskowski, PhD

Lead Solutions Consultant, IDBS

Alexandra is a Solutions Consultant with over 8 years of experience. As a former scientist with extensive expertise in data management and their application in drug discovery and development, Alexandra can ascertain customer’s needs and formulate solutions to help with a customer’s journey of digitizing their laboratory process. She has vast experience in multi-cultural projects across the globe. Prior to joining IDBS, she worked in the lab performing both in vivo and in vitro stem cell studies and their application in translational medicine. Alexandra holds a doctorate in Neuroscience.

Carolina de las Heras Alarcón

Sales Development Lead, IDBS

Carolina holds a PhD in Smart Polymers for Gene Therapy from Portsmouth University and has engaged in fruitful collaborations with Cambridge University. Her academic journey began with a degree in Chemistry and she further honed her expertise during a year of dedicated research at Utrecht University in the field of biologics. During her postdoctoral research in Europe, she worked for five years in R&D within chemical industries. Her professional journey continued with roles as a scientist and project manager at Spanish biotech companies and in IT, working as an administrator. She has worked as a Sales Development Lead over the last two years, actively creating opportunities and facilitating to the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry in the EMEA region.

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