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Mitigating risks to quality, continuity and talent retention through digital transformation


Drug sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs), like many companies, must have a symbiotic relationship. Unfortunately, many CROs fall short of playing their part, especially when it comes to talent retention. Drug sponsors need to feel confident in their partner organization’s ability to provide scientific expertise and support efforts to accelerate timelines. Most success measures used to rate CROs are directly related to the talent of the employees who work there, and their availability throughout the duration of the project. However, low rates of talent retention of existing employees make it challenging for CROs to meet these expectations and focus on the big picture.

Digital solutions provide many employers with a clear path to greener pastures: to not only drive job satisfaction and operational efficiency but also help build a CRO’s reputation as a trusted partner and cultivate a great work environment for employees.

Download our whitepaper to find out how organizations are implementing employee retention strategies and mitigating talent retention risk.

Key points: 

  • Outsourcing is a growing trend across all stages of drug development, yet many sponsors are feeling underserved by these relationships.
  • Employees need to feel appreciated, and new hires require the right tools, professional development opportunities and competitive pay to stay longer. The Great Resignation has had negative effects on employee morale. High employee turnover makes it challenging for CROs to meet sponsors’ expectations but digital solutions offer a chance to cut training costs, retain talent and get new hires.
  • CROs are an extension of their sponsors and need to buy into the cloud mentality and harvest new skills to improve employee satisfaction, boost retention rates and attract top performers for the future workforce.
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