EventsTransform process monitoring, investigations and tech transfer through automated data management and insights

Biomanufacturing World Summit, November 14-16 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Speed up your development pipeline, achieve faster scale-up and tech transfer and simplify CPV & APQR support, investigations, process optimizations and process monitoring in your manufacturing network.

Enable your digital transformation with SaaS software based on our 30+ years of industry expertise and experience working with 18 of the Top 20 BioPharma companies.

Accelerate process understanding and time-to-insight across your development and manufacturing lifecycle

Come and meet our experts at booth 43 and learn how IDBS’ purpose-built software solutions address the data management challenges prominent across the BioPharma lifecycle and supply chain. 

Our cloud-native and analytics-centric Polar BioProcess and PIMS platforms enable customers in development and manufacturing to efficiently and compliantly access critical data and insights to make faster, smarter decisions with greater confidence. 

PIMS (Process Information Management System)

PIMS helps you improve understanding and control of your manufacturing process.  It is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, cloud-native software that creates a contextualized data backbone of critical manufacturing process and quality data across products and batches. PIMS ensures data visibility and knowledge sharing that is critical to driving fast and effective scale-up and tech transfer.   

Polar BioProcess

Polar BioProcess enables you to leverage historical data and knowledge to work smarter and faster in process development. See first-hand how Polar BioProcess digital workflows, integrated instrument and equipment connectors and advanced analytics enable you to accelerate BioPharma development and reduce the time to commercial readiness.

Polar BioProcess comes with Polar Insight AI/ML models, advanced analytics applications and reporting:

  • Cell Line Genealogy
  • Bioreactor Comparison
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Multivariate analysis (MVA)
  • Plus the flexibility for you to add your own data models or export data to other packages like Statistica, JMP etc…

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Meet the team

Dave Watrous VP Sales Customer Success Marketing

Dave Watrous

Vice President, Sales, Customer Success and Marketing, IDBS

Dave leads the commercial functions responsible for positioning our solutions in the market, acquiring new customers and expanding our existing customer accounts. He brings a clear focus on growing our business by delivering the full value of IDBS to each and every one of our customers and at every stage of their buying journey. 

Dave brings over 20 years of experience in leading operational and commercial teams in the CDMO, CRO and Life Science markets. He previously held senior commercial roles in BioPharma companies including Covance and Cytiva, where he led a team responsible for more than $200M in revenue.  

He has an academic background in the life sciences, with one BSc in Genetics, Cell Biology & Development, and another in Biochemistry, both from the University of Minnesota. He then pursued graduate studies in Cancer Biology at the University of Wisconsin, where he left his PhD program with a master’s to take advantage of opportunities in the industry. 

Marc Smith headshot

Marc Smith

Lead Product Manager, Process Development, IDBS

Marc is accountable for the development of the IDBS Polar BPLM and associated solutions. He is an expert in laboratory and operational technology, laboratory informatics and system integration and leads a team of technological and domain experts committed to the development of the Polar Solutions.   

Marc has over 15 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical sector implementing and leading digital solutions and strategies. 

Before joining IDBS in 2021, he worked at Lonza Biologics and Angel Biotechnology.  He holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Sunderland. 

Ken Forman Senior Director Product Strategy

Ken Forman

Lead Product Manager, Manufacturing, IDBS

Ken has spent over 30 years in product, project and IT operations leadership focused in the software and life science industries. Prior to joining IDBS where he focuses on software to manage biopharma manufacturing process data, Ken served as Director, Project Management at BIOVIA. Previously, he was Director of Commercial Operations at Fischer Imaging and Director of IT at Allos Therapeutics and Genomics. 

Ken holds a BSc in Computer Science from Cal Poly and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Denver. 

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