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Drive data integrity and compliance in bioanalysis through digital transformation

Bioanalytical validation is a critical step in ensuring a safe and compliant medicinal product. Bioanalytical scientists are under increasing pressure to improve efficiency while maintaining accuracy and reproducibility in accordanc­­­­­­­­e with the regulatory requirements.

Are you confident in your data integrity and security? Are audits a paper-chase headache? Would catching method deviations in real time improve your efficiency?

Bioanalysis groups can quickly realize critical milestones by eliminating redundant processes, streamlining efficiency and optimizing workflows – important measures of preclinical/clinical success.

While advances in detection techniques and instrumentation have vastly improved, novel approaches are required in driving efficiency and data integrity for the myriad of processes that drive sample analysis through successful digital transformation.

Learn how a combination of controlled compliant workflow execution, dramatically streamlined data acquisition and an “audit by exception” approach offers the next phase of innovation within bioanalysis.

Watch a clip from the webinar below.

Learning points:

  • Why adding more resources is not the answer to capacity issues
  • What your LIMS may not be telling you
  • How to drive data integrity and efficiency to increase sample throughput
  • How real-time QC can significantly reduce study cycle times
  • How you can de-risk audits with traceable reporting at your fingertips
  • How digital transformation can ensure compliance to build credibility and control operating costs

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Meet our speaker

Ajaz Rosul

Lead Solutions Consultant, IDBS

Ajaz Rosul joined IDBS in 2021. His primary focus at IDBS is Polar BioAnalysis. Ajaz has a background in bioanalysis as a Research Scientist and LIMS from the vendor side.  Prior to IDBS, Ajaz worked at companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific and Abbott Informatics.  He is based in Manchester, UK.

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