Press release | 2 May 2023

New process definition capabilities in PIMS enhance quality assurance and validation for pharma manufacturers

Woking, UK  — May 2, 2023

IDBS reveals new process definition-handling enhancements in its latest release, PIMS 5.0. Providing contextualized access to aggregated manufacturing data, PIMS offers a single source of data truth for efficient gathering, sharing and analysis of critical manufacturing process and quality data to support Continued Process Verification (CPV), investigations and process optimization. 

PIMS’ process definition capabilities already allow pharma manufacturers to view their processes with their specific parameters for all major process steps and across manufacturing batches. This latest release adds process definition versioning and approvals to help alleviate manual Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requirements and enhance quality assurance (QA).  

“Our customers are continually looking for ways to reduce their manual data handling but, even more importantly, they are trying to improve the traceability of their process data over time,” says Pietro Forgione, General Manager at IDBS. “Having their critical process data in PIMS already gives them the assurance of data integrity and these new enhancements now make it even easier to complete QA and validation steps.” 

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