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IDBS Blog | 5th May 2023

IDBS events roundup: Q1 highlights and Q2 events

American Biomanufacturing Summit

Joining industry conversations at events

As of Q1 last year, we started attending in-person events again and while attendance was not quite what it was compared to years past, it has slowly picked up throughout 2022. This this year has been a pleasant surprise. We found attendees are eager to see, hear and learn more about what’s happening in the industry – be it through speaker workshops or presentations, or even just interacting with fellow delegates at these events. 

Some of our associates had the opportunity to attend a handful of events this first quarter. The first one was the Bio Innovation Leaders Summit in Berlin, where two worlds came together in an illuminating panel discussion. A conversation between established pharma executives and up-and-coming clean meat start-ups highlighted safety concerns, and the need for better, more efficient data management for both industries. 

San Diego had a busy Q1 as well, hosting both Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2023 and BioProcess International West the first week of March. Both were amazing events, where our team caught up on the latest innovations across all phases of the BioPharmaceutical lifecycle, to ensure our solutions fulfill the future needs of the industry. 

To wrap up this quarter, IDBS joined Pharma Contract Manufacturing in Berlin, where Teodor Leahu, PIMS Specialist, spoke about Effective data sharing in external manufacturing networks” and how best to create a straightforward path between CDMOs and sponsors for data transparency. 

If you didn’t attend this show, you may be interested in this related on-demand webinar: “Creation of a real-time process data framework with external manufacturers to enhance process performance, technology transfer success and drive cost savings”.

Where you can meet us in Q2 

We kicked off Q2 with the American Biomanufacturing Summit (ABS) in San Francisco and Cell & Gene Therapy Meeting on the Med in Barcelona. If you attended ABS, we hope you found our workshop and panel insightful. In this workshop, Ken Forman touched on how many of his conversations at the conference revealed that a lot of companies in the industry are still using paper for data management. “Time impacts patients directly,” he said, and with digital transformation, you can improve collaboration and data transparency and increase efficiency.  

idbs events american biomanufacturing summit

Coming up, we have some great talks where we demonstrate how good data management can help bring life-changing therapies to market faster. IDBS will be sponsoring the following events: 

  • May 8-11 | BPI Europe in Amsterdam along with other Danaher Life Sciences companies. Listen to our talk “Next-generation bioprocessing strategies to improve speed, cost and quality of tech transfer” on May 11 at 9:50 am.  
  • May 15-19 |PEGS Summit in Boston. Don’t miss Michael Barnes’s presentation on May 16 at 10:00 am on Reimagining data management to accelerate time to insight throughout the BioPharma Lifecycle from R&D to manufacturing”. 
  • May 31 – June 1 | European Biomanufacturing Summit in Berlin 
  • June 19-23 | 17th WRIB in Lake Buena Vista 

Should you be in attendance, book a meeting with our team! We’d love to connect with you.  


Some of our associates will also be attending the following shows. Book a meeting with them by visiting the event page: 

  • May 15-17 | Global Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics and ATMP Manufacturing Congress in Dublin 
  • May 16 | Bio Integrates in London 
  • May 16-18 | BioIT World in Boston 
  • June 5-7 | IFPAC in Washington, D.C. 
  • June 5-8 | BIO International Convention in Boston 
  • June 5-9 | India Biopharma Leaders Conclave in Hyderabad

Educating through insightful webinars 

We highlighted how best to bridge the access gap for scientific decision-makers to critical insights with our webinar, “Democratizing access to AI/ML-powered insights to accelerate BioPharma process optimization”, led by Alberto Pascual, our Director of Data Science & Analytics. You can watch it on-demand now and learn how to create a more efficient path to process understanding. 

Following its success, we followed up with the webinar Transformative power of insights in BioPharma development led by Michael Barnes, Lead Solutions Consultant. On-demand now, learn how you can improve how your team can expedite process understanding to enable faster decision-making and ensure a view of data for knowledge transfer throughout the BioPharma lifecycle. 

In our latest webinar, IDBS announces the latest innovation to PIMS, the Product Management Information System for BioPharma/Biotech manufacturing. Watch the on-demand version now.

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