WebinarsData, technology, collaboration: Building a CPV program in an external manufacturing network

Using validatable software to support CPV and Tech Transfer

One of a series of PIMS Best Practices webinars addressing BioPharma Process Data Management Challenges

Hear how a data backbone can support CPV, APQR and investigations and accelerate tech transfer

How should an organization choose to tackle the data challenges of process development, technology transfer and CPV?

Digitized, contextualized data backbones can support visualization and analytics of relevant batch data for CPV & APQR support, investigations and process optimizations and process monitoring across the manufacturing network.

In this webinar Skyland PIMS’ customers and guests from Pharmatech, ADMA, bluebird bio, Jazz Pharma, KSQ, Macrogenics and Reliable Data Consulting, share their experience and best practice recommendations for using validatable software to support tech transfer and CPV in biologics manufacturing.

This webinar has now expired. 

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