Event | Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

CDMO/Sponsor Networks – Securing a path to data transparency and manufacturing process verification

What is the most efficient way for a sponsor to digitize and access their product data from CDMOs? How does a CDMO meet rising customer expectations on data sharing?

Paper, spreadsheets, and disparate digital systems present a host of issues when managing manufacturing process data including lost time, breakdown in data integrity, and delayed analytics and reporting. These are compounded by the reliance on CMO data sharing.

Join us to discuss best practices for addressing this challenge and explore the use of innovative solutions to streamline process data management with higher data integrity, support accelerated tech transfer between development and manufacturing, and drive collaboration among internal and external teams.

Location: CopenHill, Copenhagen @ 16:30 – 19:00 CET

An optional guided tour of the CopenHill facility is available between 15:30-16:30

You will be leaving with insights on:

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Insight 1: Best options for digitizing data from your CDMO (received as paper, PDF, Excel summaries and more). Delving into AI assisted digitization, manual entry, and double verification

Insight 2: Considerations and best practices around creating a seamless flow of information from CDMOs to Sponsors, including implementation of data lakes and other options

Insight 3: How to efficiently avoid data siloes and utilize your data in an integrated platform for process control, investigations, objective quality assessments and many more benefits


Christine Rosenberg, Data integrity, data flow and system overview expert, formerly Genmab – LinkedIn

Alexander Thoma, CMC, Bioprocess Data System associate, Genmab – LinkedIn

Abhijit Ray, Co-Founder and CTO at Aventior, Inc. – LinkedIn

Teo Leahu, Director of European Operations – Skyland PIMS, IDBS – LinkedIn