WebinarsReimagining data management for faster, smarter bioprocess development

Reimagining Data Management for Faster, Smarter BioProcess Development

The traditional approach to data capture in bioprocess development is a combination of ELN, LIMS, and instrument integrations, which create blind spots throughout the BioPharma lifecycle.

Like cooking in a messy kitchen, it’s hard to discover and apply process findings in such a disjointed data landscape.

IDBS’ Polar BioProcess is designed to simplify how data is captured and contextualized within a digital data backbone, to make process understanding easier and more efficient.

Polar BioProcess provides an end-to-end solution for process/data tracking from early development through manufacturing, providing the capacity to perform comprehensive analytics, generate simplified tech transfer, and reduce time to commercial milestones.

In this session, you will learn: 

  • Current challenges in bioprocess development digitalization
  • Best practices for laying the foundation for advanced analytics, AI/ML
  • Business benefits of digital data backbone


Michael Barnes, Lead Solutions Consultant, IDBS

As part of the Solutions team, Michael Barnes helps companies develop and coordinate technical solutions to address their various challenges and needs. 

Michael was a multidisciplinary bench scientist and worked in various roles and companies, from isolating rare and underrepresented cancers at the Broad Institute to automating cell-based toxicology assays in a CRO setting. Prior to joining IDBS, Michael spent three years in Pfizer’s BioProcess R&D Cell Line Development group, working to evaluate different vectors/expression systems and investigate phenotypic challenges at a genotypic level. 

Michael holds a BS in Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. 

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