EventsEnsure data integrity, and enhance process monitoring and understanding within a digital data backbone

Event | 30 Oct – 2 Nov, 2022

2022 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo

Ensure data integrity, and enhance process monitoring and understanding within a digital data backbone.

Join us at booth 1138 at ISPE’s Annual Meeting & Expo in Florida, USA.

Come meet and speak to our experts to learn how our BioPharma Lifecycle Management (BPLM) platform, Polar, eliminates repetitive manual tasks, enabling you to efficiently execute your processes while curating the data you need to accelerate time-to-market by tackling the biggest challenges in process design, optimization, scale-up, and technology transfer.

Read “Accelerating Time-to-Insight Across the BioPharma Lifecycle” in BioPharm International, written by IDBS’ Pietro Forgione, Vice President of Strategy to learn how a strong digital backbone is foundational in driving innovation.

Over time, greater insights driven by timely access to data also lead to better study design which increases right-first-time development efforts and reduces the number of experiments needed.

Learn more more about Polar.

We look forward to seeing you at ISPE!


About ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo: The 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo will usher in a revitalized focus on excellence, modernization, and harmonization in pharmaceutical science and manufacturing across the globe, offering pharma professionals the opportunity to engage in industry-critical conversations. A comprehensive education program provides attendees with technical sessions on the latest developments in supply chain, operations, facilities, equipment, information systems, product development, production systems, quality systems, regulatory guidance and cutting-edge industry innovations. This signature event draws pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals at all levels of the industry from emerging leaders to the most senior executives in drug manufacturing, supple chain, devices and equipment services, and global regulatory agencies. The conference Partner Showcase presents a large offering of the latest technologies and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Meet the team

Mark Isaacs, Vice President, Sales

Mark has 30 years of experience in senior-level, global business development focused on bringing innovative solutions to the life science industry. His expertise combines a technical understanding of manufacturing challenges with the commercial application of software solutions to maximize value realized from improved product quality and increased process understanding. 

Mark holds a BS in Natural Sciences/Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He is also a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and has served on several industry advisory boards. 

Mark Isaacs

Truman Isaacs, PIMS Account Manager

Truman Isaacs manages biotech and life science accounts in the US Northeast and specializes in IDBS’ manufacturing data intelligence platform – Process Information Management System. 

Aligning and coordinating data management projects with his accounts, Truman seeks to solve issues around tech transfer, data integrity and collaboration throughout the supply chain and product life cycle. 

Truman marries a technical degree in biological sciences from the University of Connecticut with his experience in sales in various industries to provide as seamless an experience as possible for companies embarking on their digital data journey. 

Truman Isaacs

Michael Barnes, Lead Solutions Consultant

As part of the Solutions team, Michael Barnes helps companies develop and coordinate technical solutions to address their various challenges and needs. 

Michael was a multidisciplinary bench scientist and worked in various roles and companies, from isolating rare and underrepresented cancers at the Broad Institute to automating cell-based toxicology assays in a CRO setting. Prior to joining IDBS, Michael spent three years in Pfizer’s BioProcess R&D Cell Line Development group, working to evaluate different vectors/expression systems and investigate phenotypic challenges at a genotypic level. 

Michael holds a BS in Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.