Polar BioProcess: Power your process development digital data strategy

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Work smarter, not harder, with digital workflows that capture process and analytical data in full context right from the start. Polar BioProcess ensures data quality and provides the foundation for real process understanding by automatically mapping the complex relationships between material attributes, process parameters and product quality across unit operations.

Apply knowledge gained throughout development to tackle the biggest challenges in scale-up and tech transfer and reduce time to commercial readiness.

  • Integrate instruments & data flows
  • Standardize workflows
  • Automate manual tasks & analytics
  • Ensure data integrity & compliance
  • Reduce reporting time by 80%

Streamlined workflow execution

Facilitate collaboration between upstream, downstream and analytical development teams.

  • Generate samples and capture instrument data at the point of process execution
  • Simplify communication between teams, improve productivity and data sharing
  • In-built data analysis and visualization tools provide immediate insight into process performance

Polar BioProcess streamlined process execution

Enhanced data integrity and compliance

Meet GxP requirements without sacrificing flexibility.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP validation compliance
  • Track changes to data, ensuring traceability and shortening QA review
  • Prevent common errors by highlighting deviations in real time

Polar BioProcess enhanced compliance

Search, share and enable insight

Make informed decisions by finding exactly what you need when you need it.

  • Standardized data mapping ensures consistent and fast reporting
  • Rapid root-cause analysis
  • Avoid rework and trace the history of decisions for better process understanding

Polar bioprocess bioreactor study

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