i3 2022i3 2022 day 1

Trends in Research and Key Challenges

Matthew Clifford,
Director of Research & Innovation, IDBS

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About the Session:

In a fast moving market place, which is evolving into an in-silico driven discovery market, there are a whole range of different technologies, companies and methods used across the world. In this session explore trends in research, key challenges and the digital strategies you need for next generation research and innovation. A strategy without an outcome is just an idea, explore how to take your strategies to execution.

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Matthew Clifford

Matthew Clifford is Director of Research and Innovation at IDBS, with a remit to bring to market innovative solutions to support IDBS’ customers. With over 20 years’ experience working within and alongside the pharma industry, including eight years in informatics roles in a top 20 pharma supporting discovery and preclinical organizations, he has a proven background in industry trends and solutions.