The Integration Conundrum Resolved

Dave Levy, VP of Strategy & Partnerships, Scitara
Craig Williamson, Platform Product Owner - Integrations, IDBS

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About the Session:

The volume of data generated in modern laboratory environments is constantly increasing, as is the number and variety of instruments and systems producing that data. There are universally accepted benefits to automating the transfer of data from its myriad points of origin to where it is required, but how can we provide our scientists & informatics managers the agility they need to keep up with the relentless change, and ensure their critical workflows are supported?

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david levy

Dave is a well-established product creator and evangelist. In his 30 + year career in product and global account management, he has introduced several game-changing products to market.

Craig Williamson

Craig is an organic chemist by training and has enjoyed a prior career in research & development creating novel drug candidates and developing formulations to combat Alzheimer’s disease. In his current role as a Platform Product Owner at IDBS, Craig is responsible for ensuring that the IDBS platform provides a powerful and comprehensive suite of programming interfaces to enable our diverse community of customers and partners to easily connect their IDBS products to the other assets in their R&D workflows.

Craig is also responsible for IDBS’ out-of-box integrations to common informatics systems including Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) & Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS).