My Five Critical Learnings as Business Owner of E-WorkBook

Doug Scheesley
Scientific Leader - Business Owner, IDBS E-Workbook, GSK

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About the Session:

Replacing your ELN products with a new product is one thing. Trying to fundamentally change the role of the ELN within your company is another.

In this talk, Douglas Scheesley, from GSK, will share his five most critical learnings from the process of deploying IDBS E-WorkBook that fits into a world that demands data reusability.

These five critical learnings are:

1) The importance of democratization of data

2) Asking yourself if it is a tool or a toy

3) Moving away from the paper lab notebook mindset

4) The importance of demos

5) Different approaches to building an end-to-end solution

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Doug Scheesley

Douglas Scheesley is the business owner for a CMC-wide deployment of IDBS E-WorkBook and influencer in the overall data strategy at GlaxoSmithKline. Starting as an analytical chemist, he has been involved in numerous tech and scientific projects across small and large molecule. Combining his experience in science, coding, multivariate analysis, automation, and project management, Doug is passionate about improving the process of generating scientific knowledge to help the patient do more, feel better, and live longer.