Moving from Hindsight to Foresight (Descriptive Analytics to Predictive and Ultimately Prescriptive Analytics)

Alberto Pascual, Director Data Science & Analytics, IDBS
Francois Zimmermann, EMEA Field CTO, Tableau

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About the Session:

IDBS’ vision on Insight is the democratization of advanced analytics during the whole BioPharma lifecycle to provide our customers with better decision making. To this end, we provide augmented analytics capabilities embedded in our platforms with the required functionality to do data access, reporting, visualization, exploration, and advanced analytics. As part of our strategy, we use Tableau as our preferred embedded analytics partner.

In this session, IDBS and Tableau will provide concepts and use cases levering IDBS and Tableau platforms together to scale AI for enabling augmented, predictive and prescriptive analytics. We hope these technologies and solutions help scientists, not only to store and manage their data, but also to be able to analyze it, extract insights and take actions.

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Alberto Pascual

Alberto Pascual is a Doctor in Bioinformatics with extensive experience in data science and biomedical domains. Graduated in computer science, he received a PhD in bioinformatics from the Autonomous University of Madrid. After some postdoc period, he joined the National Center for Biotechnology (CNB), leading a bioinformatics research and core facility group. He also co-founded Integromics, a Bioinformatics start up, in 2003. The company received the Frost and Sullivan European Bioinformatics Project of the Year Award for 2007. The company was acquired by PerkinElmer in 2014, when he served as a Senior Manager AI and Analytics Innovation. Currently he is the Director of Data Science and Analytics at IDBS where he is responsible for developing and executing IDBS’ strategy on AI, Data Science and Analytics to deliver novel products and services to our customers in life sciences R&D markets.

Francois Zimmermann

Francois Zimmermann is the Field CTO for Tableau in EMEA and focuses on developing the partner ecosystem to solve the end-to-end data challenges that Tableau customers face as they build insights-driven businesses and embed analytics inside every business process. Francois has a background in Analytics, Cloud Services, Data Integration and IoT as well as vertical solutions for Financial Services; Industrial & Manufacturing; and Health & Life Sciences.