Would voice-enabled ELN data capture improve your efficiency?

Trying to manually record experimental data while handling animals, reagents or working in sterile conditions can be challenging.

Yes, recording your data is non-negotiable but does it have to be so cumbersome? Not anymore!

See how IDBS has partnered with LabVoice to increase safety, efficiency and accuracy with voice-enabled ELN interactions.

IDBS together with LabVoice – Embracing the Digital World

  • Hands free – that means the days of smearing your equipment with reagents are over. No more taking off your gloves. No more walking across the lab to record your data


  • Integrates – talk to us about adding LabVoice to your IDBS Electronic Lab Notebook workflow


  • Simple – ask LabVoice to record the data for you. From anywhere in the lab

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