WebinarsDeploying and managing cloud microservices in a GxP environment

Deploying and Managing Cloud Microservices in a GxP Environment

Microservice architecture is an approach where an application is deployed as a collection of loosely coupled independent services.  By utilizing microservices, SaaS vendors can develop, deploy, and scale each microservice without affecting the other services, which facilitates the rapid delivery of new features.  The rapid delivery of new microservice versions presents a challenge to customers operating in regulated environments which require that the system be maintained in a validated state.   

Join us for a discussion on the benefits of microservice architecture and approaches for deploying and managing SaaS solutions utilizing microservice architecture in GxP regulated environments.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Overview and benefits of microservice architecture
  • Considerations for deploying and qualifying microservices for systems used in GxP regulated environments
  • Approach to microservice deployment and management for GxP regulated environments



Brian Hobbs – Engineering Director (BioPharma Lifecycle Management)

Brian has been developing software for more years than he will admit to. Starting as a developer, he has moved into leadership and now guides the engineering teams in creating secure, scalable, and resilient software to support biologics and drug discovery development.  

During his time at IDBS, he’s seen the products evolve from desktop to web, and from on-premise to SaaS, enabling IDBS to better support their global customer base.  

A geek at heart, he loves new tech and is a source of bad jokes (much to the dismay of his colleagues). 


Jim Brooks – GxP Solution Owner, IDBS 

Jim Brooks is the GxP Solution Owner for the IDBS Polar Platform. He is accountable for defining the processes and procedures as well as coordinating and executing the activities required to deliver qualified GxP systems and solutions to our customers. His long-standing career spans over 20 years in biopharma where he was responsible for validating, deploying, and managing laboratory information systems in GxP regulated environments. 

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